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Altered Carbon S2

Trailer here.

It looks like they've skipped Broken Angels and moved right to Woken Furies for source material. Prolly a smart move. BA is a fantastic book, but it does little to explore Takeshi Kovacs. Also, the setting is one of transience where the setting of WF has more of a feel of permanence.

I did not finish watching S1. I didn't like the way they re-wrote whole parts of Kovacs backstory since what they were doing would conflict with future developments in the books.

But the replacement (a feature of the books' milieu) of Joel Kinnaman (he's not a very good actor) as Takeshi (I don't know Anthony Mackie, but I'm willing to bet he's a better actor than Kinnaman) and the new setting, along with my love for the original source material, will likely have me watching this on 27 February.

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Since I'm apparently the only person in North America who doesn't have Netflix, I haven't yet seen Altered Carbon. But the books I frequently reread, as well as Morgan's other works like Market Forces and Thirteen. I agree, for world-building and characterization Woken Furies is better than Broken Angels. I'd be curious to see how they handle the politics - Quellism is almost as much a character as Quell herself. But the Black Brigades and Iphigenia Dene might be hard to make sympathetic.
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Joel Kinneman ---------------->> Anthony Mackie

It will be interesting to see if Mackie can keep some of Kinneman's personality quirks, or if it will be just Mackie's take on the character.


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