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My late kitty Sandstone discovered that the toy catnip mouse my friend made and sent to him - the outside was a long fleece fabric - slid beautifully in the bathtub. So I'm lying there trying to sleep and hear weird spunds. I get up, and there he is in the bathtub batting that thing and then chasing after it. I stared at him, he looked all "problem, mom?" and I went back to bed.

Remember not all cats like nip and some practically turn into addicts.
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Originally Posted by kitap View Post
So I'm lying there trying to sleep and hear weird spunds.
Often when I see a funny typo I google to see if it is actually a real word anywhere. This one is...interesting.
I don't know if they have catnip in them or not, but earlier this week I walked outside and found 3 cat toys (that I never bought) in front of my porch, and a 4th one the next day. I have burglar cats.
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Originally Posted by carnut View Post
Kittens see litter boxes as places to play.
Our girl had a habit of bringing out old, dry poop and playing with it. Replacing the domed litter box with a more traditional one helped put a stop to that.
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This is the brand you want. Solid wood, not cardboard.


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