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Mine is sad on multiple levels.

When I was around eight years old, we had a little black terrier mix named "Bear" and he was my buddy. He was sweet and gentle, but also very protective of our house and family. One night a neighbor came in the door without knocking and Bear bit her in a place that nobody wants to be bitten; she was ultimately hospitalized. Even at 8, I knew this was a Very Bad Situation, but there was hope! My uncle was a police lieutenant and while he couldn't ensure that Bear would get to stay with us, he did know of a police department in another state that needed a police dog and Bear had proven himself to be so brave that they would take him!

I am now 42 years old. Not too terribly many years ago, we were at a family function and sharing stories of our past pets, and I - a 40-year-old man - shared the story of Bear, who had left home to become a police dog. It took a good minute of my family staring at me before I realized, for the first time in three plus decades, what had actually happened to Bear.
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Originally Posted by Hilarity N. Suze View Post
It's a little hard to parse, but you think you can't be prosecuted for being drunk on a bike? Or in driving a boat? Prosecuted may not be the right word but you can indeed be cited, at least in my state (Colorado).

I don't know what you mean by saying your driving license could be endorsed but if it means points off your auto driver's license for the above infractions, well, I once had a cop tell me they COULD take points off. Of course cops can lie to you, and it hardly seems fair as you don't need a driver's license to ride a bike. But even if it wasn't true then, it's true now, you can get a DUI or drunk biking. I don't know if anyone has gotten one though.
I assume "endorsed" is a Britishism, but does it mean limited? Suspended? Revoked?

I know someone who got a DUI for drunk biking.
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If you go to a bad part of town in a big city you will get mugged with high (say 33%) probability.
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Originally Posted by KneadToKnow View Post
There are an astonishing number of people who believe(d) that KFC changed it's name from Kentucky Fried Chicken because they stopped using chicken.
I read somewhere that they changed it because "some people" associate Kentucky with racism. A pretty pointless move by a company whose mascot is a stereotypical southern colonel.
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There's been a giant list of reasons I heard KFC been renamed for in the past

-They thought the word fried had too many negative connotations
- What they served could no longer legally be called chicken (genetically modified chickens that were made to be fatter)
- The state of Kentucky filed a lawsuit for royalties for using their name
- When expanding overseas didn't think foreigners would understand Kentucky was a place and not a style of food.

I don't think they ever gave an official reason but the fact that Kentucky Fried chicken is such a long name and everyone was shortening it to KFC anyway makes it seem like it was purely for brand awareness reasons.


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