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Old 01-14-2011, 11:48 PM
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Does anyone remember this very obscure ESPN basketball theme music?

c. 1992-1993, there was a theme song for college basketball games on ESPN. (I'm talking about the instrumental music that various networks play during sports games when they're going into or coming out of commercial break.) However, the song I'm thinking of was used ONLY during Championship Week, when ESPN was airing various conference tournaments. The song had a much more serious tone than the regular theme song ESPN played during regular-season games. This helped drive home the point about how much more important the tournament games were than regular-season games.

Does anybody else remember this song, and if so, do you know if it's available for listening on the web?
Old 02-15-2020, 08:42 PM
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More than nine years after I created this thread, I have FINALLY found a video with the theme music I was so desperately seeking! And believe you me, I'd been searching for it even before 2011. You can hear it behind the broadcasters' voices in this YouTube video: (It also plays multiple times elsewhere in that 95-minute video, but hearing it once should suffice to give you the gist of how serious the song sounds.)

For comparison, here was the theme music that ESPN played during regular-season college basketball games. Much less serious and much less memorable:

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Holy shit, not only do I remember that music, I remember that game!

Congratulations on getting answer, finally, even if you did have to find it yourself. (Sorry we all weren't more help, eh.)

Now see if you can find that "too short like a fox" commercial that ran around that same time; I've been looking for that for 20 years now.

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