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The Couch, the Puddle, and the Flong

On Saturday, like every other day, the sun rises in the east. My house faces east, but on Saturday, we leave the front door open so there's a Sun Puddle pouring in the doorway.

The cats love it. They will spread out on the Flong and absorb the morning rays and look ecstatic.

For the uninitiated, a Flong is a throw rug, circular, printed in a blue and white target pattern, and it sells for about five bucks at Ikea. Berni bought it because the word Flong struck her funny. Now it's a cat outpost on weekend mornings when the door can be left open.

The problem with this is that Pocky and Sheldon both want the Sun Puddle, but they hate each other. Therefore, one will stake out the Flong, and the other will seek alternatives; the front window allows shafts of light between the curtains, and there are often sun puddles in front of the dining table and splattered across the front of the couch.

When I staggered downstairs this morning, Pocky had already taken the Flong, and Sheldon basked in another puddle near the table and Berni's feet, while she sipped coffee and waited for full consciousness to infuse. I poured a cup of coffee, made a couple of Eggo waffles, and shuffled into the living room to do likewise.

By this time, positions had changed. Now Sheldon had the Flong, and Pocky lay on the floor in front of the couch, spread out on his back, absorbing the solar rays on his tummy.

Berni and I sat and sipped coffee and ate Eggos and murmured at each other. Pocky rolled around in the sun puddle. Time passed.

Until Berni remarked, "Look at Pocky. Does he think he's chasing the sunlight?"

I looked at the cats. Sheldon was still spread on the Flong, watching squirrels in the front yard.... but Pocky was looking intently under the dust ruffle on the couch. Occasionally, he would poke his paws under it.

I still wasn't awake yet. "Dust bunnies?" I grumbled.

"No," said Berni. "The sun's rising. The window is starting to cut off the sunshine. The sun puddle is crawling DOWN the front of the couch, and I think Pocky thinks the sunlight is crawling UNDER THE COUCH, and he wants it to STOP."

I looked at Pocky. Durned if it didn't look like it.

"So... you're telling me that Pocky thinks the sun sets at nine in the morning, and it sets under the living room couch?"

Y'know, religions have started over weirder things.
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That seems like perfectly fine cat logic.
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My Siamese would be making very LOUD protestations in anger at the sun king who took their sun puddle away. And then start searching behind the couch.
They are Genius cats with anger issues.
I live in fear everyday.
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I love cat politics.
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I think you are on to something...

When I read the OP all I could see was a screen play. Animation. You need the creatures to speak, right?

With the right music, it could be a series.
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Y'know, when I saw the thread title, I had no idea what it would be about, but I said to myself, "I'll bet that's a Master Wang-Ka thread".

Because really, who else would use the word "flong"?
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I will be now. I am going to brazenly appropriate the word flong and defiantly use it incorrectly in everyday conversation somehow because it's too funny of a word to pass up.

Thank you Master Wang-Ka

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Don't worry kitties, it won't be flong before the sun comes out again.
"What kind of a man desecrates a defenseless textbook?"
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My Bengal will occasionally seek a puddle, but he'd rather sit on me and steal my body heat. The other cat rarely ventures from behind the loveseat because she's a bit odd... I don't think either one would care about a flong.
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My dear wife is indeed the sort of person who buys a five dollar throw rug at Ikea because the name on the tag was FLONG, and it gave her the giggles. A need for the throw rug, any idea where it would go, all that was secondary. But now it serves as a place to kick the snow off your shoes and for cats to lie on the Great Target Of The Sunpuddle, and therefore to argue about who gets it. Sheldon and the Black Cat of Doom are the only two who are willing to share it, and only with each other.

We were equally amused by a product named GODMORGAN on the way out of Ikea, but it cost more than five bucks. We did go pretty big into their modular shelving units, but the name, for some reason, wouldn't stick in our heads; perhaps because it wasn't as amusing, and it sounds more like an eighties hair metal band, so Berni started calling them "the Dokkens." We did discover that Dokkens must be placed in such a way as to keep cats from leaping into the back of them and knocking the books out.

Did I mention we have cats?
AMERICA: LAND OF THE FREE! (Some restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited.)
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The sun will flong out
Betcha bottom dollar
that tomorrow
There'll be sun

Tomorrow, tomorrow
I flong you,
You're always

godmorgan it Dork, stop doing that

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ETA; the cats are obviously the High Priesthood of The Great and Holy Dokken of The Mysteries of The Flong.
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I've looked at flongs from both sides now,
Sun puddles creep and still somehow
When underneath the couch it crawls
I really don't know flongs at all.


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