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Trump's high fundraising $ numbers - is it going to make any practical difference?

Trump has been drawing in staggering sums of donations, according to Yahoo News, blowing past previous records for campaign fundraising.

More money is always better than less for a campaign, of course, but ISTM that Trump is such a deeply polarizing and unpopular candidate that money won't matter. He didn't need it to win office in 2016, and having it won't help him keep office in 2020. All the $$$$ in the world might not convince any significant number of voters to change minds this upcoming year. The only thing the money might do for his campaign is simply to pay the bills and keep the machine going.
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I’m pretty sure he’s going to find a way to wildly overcharge his campaign for every function and event, of course in Trump venues!

I’m sorry, but I gotta believe he’s already figured out a way to launder that money into his pockets.
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It probably won't make much if any difference. A look from 538 is a good intro with lots of links in there. The research does show things like the winners typically outspend the losers. Going past the simple correlation money seems to have diminishing returns. Some of the correlation is probably just those that look like they will win attracting more money to spend. Having enough money to get your name and message out seems to matter a lot. Once you have enough more isn't bad but it doesn't seem to make a big difference.

Trump beat both of the two big fundraisers from last Presidential cycle - Bush and Clinton. He's got the incumbent advantage now and plays it in ways that we haven't seen before through social media. He tweets ...a lot. Pretty much everything he tweets gets widespread media coverage. He's already taking shots at anyone who looks like they might be gaining traction in the Democratic primary field. We can expect him to still hold his large campaign rallies and get extensive coverage from every single one off them. Those are pretty cheap and can even be net positive money wise if they get enough small donor contributions from the large audience. He's also going to have the money to spend heavily on all kinds of things during the campaign.

Battleground areas will probably be awash in media buys. Some of the states he won in the midwest were very close. Michigan went his way by IIRC about a quarter percent of the vote. He might be able to spend his way out of a couple tight spots and just barely win a state as a result of massive fundraising. That's really about the limit of what massive fundraising and spending can do.

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I saw this article today. Until March 30, Trump spent more money on Facebook ads than all the 23 Democratic candidates combined.

After March 30, the candidates as a total overtook him, but his total is still more than any other candidate.

Trump spent $4.9M on Facebook ads targeted to women over 55.

The Democratic candidates combined spent $9.6M on Facebook ads to May 18.

Trump has been using the tactic of getting people to send a birthday greeting to him or his wife in order to get the potential donor's email address, zip code and name.

How Trump Is Outspending Every 2020 Democrat on Facebook

Will that help Trump reach his demographic? I don't know, but I think money is helpful with that. It has helped some of the Democratic candidates.
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He's spending a substantial amount of his campaign funds on legal expenses.
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No cites, but I seem to recall that he was actually very underfunded last time, and still won. Maybe this time he'll spend oodles and it will have the opposite effect?
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Where's the money coming from? Citizens, corporations, or Kremlin-via-the-NRA?
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