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OK, I'll play. Two related stories by the same author. These were probably in one of the SF mags in the mid-80's or earlier, which is about when I stopped reading. Basic premise is that there's a race of women that can travel in parallel dimensions. They're fairly possessive of this ability.

The first story opens up with a woman (belonging to this group, though she doesn't know it) who comes in to work with a bunch of roses given to her by a nice old gardener. The roses are wet with rain although it's not currently raining.
That's pretty much all I remember from the first story.

The second story concerns a character who has the ability to make entropy run backwards. He gets in a wrecked car and it starts running better. Eventually he meets (the character from the first story?) and saves her from or helps her defeat the parallel-world travelling women/priestesses.

As I recall, the stories weren't written all that coherently, but the concept was interesting enough so that I've wondered if there were more stories set in that universe.


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