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Ah, now we're into the 80s. 82 right now.
Everything happens for a reason. But sometimes the reason is you are stupid and make bad decisions.
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Howdy Y'all! We deheathenated, had N.O.L. (I make good soup!), and accomplished nappage. Oh and I hauled the biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig trash can all the way down to the road for pickup tomorrow. Quite the eventful day.
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Canes beat the Preds(sorry red, not sorry), and Michael Ferland beat Auston Watson. Making meatloaf with white cheddar potatoes for dinner. Having a 6:45 To Raleigh

Ruble, nope. As long as the Pats lose next week, I'll be happy.
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It's snowing again, dammit. Looks like at least another inch has accumulated on the back deck. We shall see how the driveway looks tomorrow.

This snow shall further delay FCD's building. The guy who will prep the site has 4 jobs ahead of ours, and they've all been delayed because of weather. We're hoping the prep will be done in early March anyway. We shall see...

RoxStar went down to sleep early - poor thing is just a bit sickie. Hope she sleeps thru the night, for her and her mother's sakes.

Thus endeth my Sunday...
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Originally Posted by FairyChatMom View Post
RoxStar has a bit of a cold - her temp popped over 100 briefly, but now it seems to be back to normal. I watched her while her parents went out to get something to eat, and she definitely didn't act sick. Oh, and she's really close to standing on her own. Can walking be far behind?
Ya know ------ the OW said the same things about me after Santarchy! <rim-shot>

Originally Posted by Bumbazine View Post
It was a joke. Not even going to try making the obvious joke about a tackleball team requiring a musket squad.

BTW, Ruble, I'm older'n you are. IIRC

I knew it was a joke and was playing along; still am in case you were wondering
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Originally Posted by kopek View Post
Anyone watching the Eagles game?
Spidey ------ that was a tough one. I had hopes and it was close but I guess now I get to pull for the Rams.
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I won't hold that against you doggio.

I heathenated today and lunched with said heathens. Afterward, I did a little recreational shopping and scored some new dies for the studio. I also hemmed one of the pair of jeans that came from da Jungle yesterday. They fit perfectly except that they were 3.5" too long. Given the fit otherwise and the fact that it's almost impossible to get 100% cotton fat lady jeans elsewhere, I'll just order the women's petite the next time (for those of you dudes who need a translation, the WP sizes are just for shorter women). I'll hem the other pair tomorrow evening. I did that whilst watching a biography of Fred Gwynne.

See y'all tomorrow.

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Evening all. Soccer has been completed for another weekend. I had two parents complain, one because a playter on the other side was fouling all the time (which he was, but as a coach of one team it's hard to call fouls on the other side, and we didn't have a ref) and another who complained his daughter was 'meshing' or getting 'respect' from the boys on her team (which means they weren't passing her the ball. I did not point out that (1) These are 8-9 year old boys who are mostly ego, so don't realize it and (2) his daughter is not a strong player and they can tell it so they do keep it away from her. There are days parents can be a pain.

At least I dialed back some and didn't 'live' in the gym like Sattiday. And there is no soccer this coming weekend, so I can take a break from it.

All y'all take care and catch you on the next MMP.


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