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Virginia Graham (not the British poet) (or the Manson trial jailhouse informant)

Today, kaylasmom and I were attempting to reconstruct the dates of significant events in her life. One landmark event that she recalled was her appearance on The Virginia Graham Show, which I determined could not have taken place later than 1972. I did this by looking up the Wikipedia article about Virginia Graham.

One thing is mystifying to me: She was born Virginia Komiss in 1912, and married a man named Guttenberg in 1935, when she was about 23. Her bio on Wikipedia gives no other information on her personal life.

Anybody have an idea how her name became Graham?
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Originally Posted by kaylasdad99 View Post
Anybody have an idea how her name became Graham?
Wild guess: She adopted it as a stage name because Guttenberg sounds so ... you know ... Jewish?

I remember her syndicated show being on when I was in junior high, which would put it between 1967 and 1969 or '70. Dr Irwin Stillman of Water Diet fame was a guest once, and she admitted to being an "addict" (*GASP!* ) ... of bread and butter. The good doctor assured her she could eat all the bread and butter she wanted to, so long as she didn't exceed her recommended weekly calorie intake.
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I remember Virginia Graham! Oh, that hairdo! I didn't know she'd attended the University of Chicago and had a Master's from Northwestern. I'm impressed. I was a little kid when The Virginia Graham Show was on, but I remember I thought she was way more interesting than other daytime talk show hosts like Mike Douglas or Merv Griffin--not that the judgment of a kid should mean anything. She had quite a long, successful career before TVGS, too.

Here's the NYT obit for her.
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I remember when she was a guest on some other talk show and she said something clever that actually made my father laugh.

That was enough of an accomplishment that I still remember.


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