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Old 03-18-2009, 03:08 PM
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Vein injury after I.V. line

I have a sort of nagging concern. I was in the hospital about 2 weeks ago for a kidney stone. At the time, a nurse put in an I.V. line, which was relatively uneventful for me...they sometimes have trouble finding my veins and try two or three times before getting it right. I'm a fainter, btw, so this is really fun for me.

Anyway, the line was in and they administered pain medication via the port using a syringe. For some odd reason, it hurt VERY much when this was done. Enough that even over the screaming in my kidneys I said "Ouch! What's the deal!" to the nurse. I just wasn't expecting it to be a painful process.

So now, the vein is visibly "swollen." It runs right across the bone on the right side of my right wrist. It's swollen and painful not AT the I.V. puncture site on the back of my hand, but about three inches up my arm from that. The vein is very prominent, much more so than the same on on my other hand or than any other I can see on my body. It's sore as if it's bruise and hurts when I stretch that vein over the bone. It also hurts at other points up my arm toward my elbow.

This is minor "shut-up-and-wait-until-it-goes-away" type pain. But it's starting to sort of concern me and it IS annoying...can't rest my arm on anything, wrist gets quickly sore from typing, etc. Is it something I should be worried about? Having mentioned it to the hospital staff and being met with shrugs, I assume not. But then, they might not have expected it to still be a nuisance two weeks later.

I tried to do a Google search for routine, minor nonsense like this, but my search terms didn't turn up anything appropriate (venipuncture, injury, swollen, etc.).


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