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Buying Sudafed...The "good stuff".

I'm sure most know that because of the widespread use of pseudoephedrine-containing products to manufacture illegal methamphetamine, the sale of original formula Sudafed (which contains pseudoephedrine) is now restricted to behind-the-counter purchases at the pharmacy dept. of drug stores and supermarkets.

What this means is you must present your I.D. to the pharmacist, who scans it through the national database to check against known perpetrators and to see if you're purchase falls within the permissible limitations on how much a person can buy in a given time. You must then sign a form and it is really all kind of strange. I almost feel like I am doing something wrong when I am going up to RiteAid to get some relief from my stuffed up sinuses.

It is intimidating, in a way. I went to the drug store today to buy Sudafed and the pharmacist treated me like a shady teenager trying to buy booze or something. When I initially asked for the sudafed, the pharmicist replied back, "Sudafed 12hr is not available after 6pm. We've had a lot of trouble with it lately." I didn't even know what he meant at first by "sudafed 12hr" and I just kind of stared blankly at him and repeated "I just need Sudafed". "Oh, yes, we have the regular Sudafed." And he glared at me the whole time he was ringing up my purchase. As if my one little 24 count box of sudafed was going towards some meth ring or something. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

I got to my car and realized how relieved I felt. Man, all that just to get some freaking decongestant! Ugh...


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