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19 years ago this month

It was 19 years ago when i found The Straight Dope. My then wife and kids had just moved back home prior to our divorce and the sdmb (even though it would be years before i signed up) often provided me with a tiny measure of comfort and connection on those first horrible lonely nights. Right back there again this week as the soon to be ex current wife has moved out and we are starting the process of divorce.

Happy anniversary everybody, how was your week?
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Sorry for what you're going through right now (and back then), guestchaz.

I wasn't one of the original folks who participated in the AOL version of the SDMB, but I was one of the first to sign up on this site, waaaay back in March of 1999. It's been a semi-constant online companion of mine ever since.

I hate to hear that the column is bidding farewell to us all, but I'm glad the board itself will remain. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have this place to visit from time to time.
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guestchaz, hang tough.

I'm kinda sorta going thru something similar with wife of 24 years coming "home" Monday so we can negotiate our divorce. She's leaving without the kids, so I'm very soon to be a single Dad of twins. Good thing but it's gonna suck at times. C'est la vie.
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Aw, man. What a bummer. Hold your head up.
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[The Beatles] It was 19 years ago this month [/The Beatles]

...nah, not as catchy.
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Originally Posted by guestchaz View Post
Happy anniversary everybody, how was your week?
A lot better than it was in 1999. I would kill myself rather than go through that experience again.
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I caught the tail-end of the AOL board. But when the board moved to the internet at large, my computer wasn't fast enough to keep up with it. It was wanting to follow the SDMB that pushed me to learn about computers so I could install more RAM in my computer, and follow it to the bigger internet. And ditch AOL, thank goodness.

Sorry for your troubles, guestchaz.
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19 years ago, I knew of the Straight Dope from the local artsy newspaper, but I was still fairly new to all this Intrarwebz stuff. I found and joined the board in Aug 2000.

As for my week - just another week. We need rain. That's pretty much all.


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