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Originally Posted by notfrommensa View Post
Ed McMahon hawking Publishers Clearing House HIII - YOOOO, and some life insurance.
Originally Posted by Jim's Son View Post
nitpick Ed McMahon never worked for Publisher's Clearinghouse. He worked for a competitor American Family Publishers which tried to compete with the established PCH but went out of business in the 1990s. PCH never bothered to correct it, figuring it was good to have a well established public figure associated with a well established firm, even, helped by not very bright people like Rahm Emanuel perpetuating the myth
Not withstanding, one of the funniest lines I ever heard on TV was on Married, With Children when Al Bundy comes home from work is going through the mail. He holds up an envelope and says, "Oh look! This one says I may already owe Ed McMahon $10,000,000."
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One of my most ethanol-affectionate acquaintances will however just not go for THIS branding exercise.
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Steven Seagal advertising the video game World of Warships in full Admiral uniform.

I get it, you were in the Navy in one of your films, but you were a Navy SEAL turned Cook. Then he became a character in the game, also as an Admiral.
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Originally Posted by Cardigan View Post
I recall Sally Struthers being mocked for doing some sort of humanitarian aid infomercial.

When Bill Cosby was selling Jello pudding pops back in the day I don't recall thinking anything was wrong with it, but I saw one of those old commercials not long ago and thanks to recent events found my perceptions have changed considerably.
What did you think of his 2005 ad for Viagra: "After she's taken her medication, you take yours!"

Just kidding, was not a real thing.
Don't worry about the end of Inception. We have top men working on it right now. Top. Men.
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Horatio Hellpop Horatio Hellpop is offline
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Originally Posted by nearwildheaven View Post
I remember when the Rolling Stones were sliced and diced in the early 1980s for having a tour sponsor, which IIRC was a perfume company. Other artists jumped on similar bandwagons, with mixed results.
I remember that, it was Jovan! They rather pointedly did not endorse the product. They did shill for Rice Krispies earlier in their career, though.
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Originally Posted by Cardigan View Post
I understand Ted Nugent did a commercial for Vernor's Ginger Ale back in the 1980's (I've never actually seen it). In fairness, though, this was years before the general public learned about Terrible Ted's psychotic tendencies, so the good folks at Vernor's should get a pass for that one.
This is worth watching just for the mullet.
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The cardboard cutouts of MC Hammer in his full sparkly outfit and baggy pants, declaring "Stop Hammer time" while hawking the 3M Command Strips at Staples, always gets a giggle out of me.
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Originally Posted by Loach View Post
Snoop Dogg is selling boner pills.
Likewise Jimmy Johnson of NFL fame.
"Well, let me just go on record as saying that I would never shoot a cat.[...]. Unless it was approaching in a threatening manner... or refused to stop upon my command. I would probably just fire a warning shot to make my point, but that's really a field decision. I can't commit to it at this juncture."


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