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I worked from home nearly 100% for 14-15 years, and now Iím trying to adjust to 20% at home, 80% cube. Itís going ok, but I resent the dress code, the boredom when I donít have enough work, and the lack of quiet. Sigh.

I also am required to take an hour unpaid lunch every day. So annoying.
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I have two part time jobs, one where I work from home and the other where I go into an office. I actually like it this way because there are benefits to each.

When I work from home, I don't have to dress nice or bother with the traffic and weather. I do have a dedicated office where I can have privacy and listen to my music while I work.

I also enjoy going into an office twice a week as well. It's much more social, which is important for me. And collaboration is far easier.

When I worked at a corporate job, I was able to work from home one day a week and go in two days a week. That was about perfect for me.
"Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest." - Paul Simon
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I used to work from home a lot although for the most part it was ďin addition toĒ not ďinstead ofĒ working from the office. However my kids are long since grown & on their own so my wife was exceptionally cooperative. However the work I do know is in a call centre so working from home is not an option.

My daughter in law, however, works from home quite a bit and the youngest grandchild isnít school age so that presents her some challenges.
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Originally Posted by Fugazi View Post
And like Inigo Montoya said, I don't have to wear pants.
I completely forgot there was a poster with this name, and I was thinking "I just re-watched that movie, and I don't remember that line in it!"

I started telecommuting a day a week way back when dial-up was the only connection. And that was to a mainframe. No PCs yet. I would take a Compaq portable home (I couldn't leave it home because it was shared) -- we called it the sewing machine because it looked exactly like a portable sewing machine.

I mostly liked it. There was an old mainframe messaging system I could use to talk to folks at work (started with a P -- the system Ollie North used that got him in trouble). Once I was "talking" to a work friend and mentioned my sister (who he also knew) was home and watching the Westminster Dog Show on TV. It was a rebroadcast from the night before, and he'd seen it. He asked what part she was watching, and I said the hound group. He told me the basset had won, so I had the idea to make a bet with her, so I wandered into the living room and watched for a little bit. I said I really like the look of the basset hound, and she said it was o.k. but it'd never win. So, I bet her dinner. When it won, she got so mad -- that blankety-blank basset hound! How did it win??? When I finally confessed she got mad... at me. Ha, since I cheated I didn't make her pay up, but it was fun!
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I work from home exclusively. I probably could talk them into doing my one way hour and half commute to work among people that aren't even on my team (we're spread out among different states and internationally), and that would probably make me feel a little more connected to humanity, but nah. I keep to myself mostly so it's all good.

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