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Where to get the best return on a safe investment?

I'm on the board of a small nonprofit - my neighborhood HOA, actually. We've got a decent amount in savings, and we'd like to put an amount in the upper five figures in a safe place that also gets a good return.

'Safe' meaning we're running no risk of losing the principal. So an index fund of stocks would be right out, but an index fund of AAA-rated corporate bonds would be in our wheelhouse.

'Good' meaning by the standards of safe investments as just described. A quick check tells me that short-term Treasuries are trading at ~1.5%, so I figure that's a floor for something that's extremely safe but the money's still accessible.

So stuff that's not government-safe but still quite safe must be out there, that pays a somewhat better interest rate, right? I'm not expecting 5% (hell, I'm not expecting 3%) but hopefully better than 2%, right?

And for whatever investment, do we need a broker, and are there fees, and all that? Help educate a neophyte here.
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How long are you going to hold the investment?

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Looks like I somehow posted the OP a second time. The original thread is here. I've asked the mods to close this one, but in the meantime, please post to the other one. Thanks!


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