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Ordinary hard drives are filled with ordinary air. There's even a tiny opening to allow the pressure to stay the same as room air pressure.

Note the use of "ordinary". A few years ago helium filled drives became a thing for high capacity drives. This required quite a bit of tech engineering to achieve since it's so easy for helium to escape thru tiny pores in the sealing material.

The engineering to produce a vacuum HD would be even trickier. In addition, there might be more heat dissipation issues.
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Originally Posted by ftg View Post
The engineering to produce a vacuum HD would be even trickier.
As your link notes, air is required for proper HD function. With inadequate ambient pressure, the read/write head can make contact with the platter, causing damage and data loss.
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Originally Posted by jjakucyk View Post
Since most windows have an R-Value of around 3, adding R-0.5 is pretty significant.
On a related note, divers in very cold water use gases such as Argon to fill their drysuits for exactly the same reason. It's noticeably more insulating than plain air or any of the breathing gas mixes and nowadays it's pretty cheap since its fairly widely used in industry for welding and suchlike.
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