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Old 01-10-2019, 09:21 PM
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All the transgender/nonbinary/genderqueer/LGBTQIA+ stuff of today, is just the 2010s equivalent of..

...hippie counterculture in the 1960s

I'm aware that this post is probably historically ignorant. i'm young and naive. I probably have some incorrect generalizations about the hippie movement, and fallacious comparisons with today's trends. I'm not certain in my beliefs, this is just an idea and you can correct me if it's talking out of my ass. The point of talking about ideas is so other ppl can tell you if they're right or wrong. It doesn't hurt for me to post it, this post is not causing anyone any actual harm even if it is incorrect.

older ppl shouldn't be looking down at current youth as being unusually dumb with their gender ideas, because all generations have done analogous dumb things

in both cases, it's a form of rebellion against oppressive parents and societal norms. Changes in hair length to make statements. Denouncing authoritarian gender roles. Kids are dressing up and behaving in ways that frighten their parents. Parents are freaking out about their kid's hair colors, dressing style, liberal posting of selfies and nudes on the internet, and crazy ideas about gender. Just as crazy as the hippie's free love and ideas of expanding your consciousness with acid and dreadlocks and tie dye.

well, now that I think of it, every generation had its own form of rebellion, not just hippies. This gender stuff is just what generation Z and young millennials came up with. other generations had stuff like punk, gangsta. If you suggest to these ppl that their gender stuff is just another generation rebellion, they get angry and say "but this is REAL, shitlord! We actually ARE a different gender on the inside!" but every other rebellion said the same thing about themselves. "this is WHO WE ARE!"

hippies were rising in the 1960s and scared everyone, then became mainstream in the 1970s. A lot of these rebellious movements do become mainstream as the members become young adults. the 2010s were the decade when fringe transgender stuff got more popular and scared everyone. Does that mean this gender stuff will become more mainstream in the 2020s? Maybe it already is on the way, because androgynous appearances are fashionable and it's becoming more socially unacceptable to be "Transphobic"

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