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Originally Posted by Novelty Bobble View Post
But do you really think that a complete revocation of the article 50, with no intention invoke in the future, would see the E.U. and the UK's position in it carry on exactly as before?
Two relevent points:

1. Legally, yes, the UK carries on exactly as before, a member of the EU on exactly the terms it has now, including the opt-outs, the rebate, the veto rights - everything. The UK will have the same powers of unilateral action, and unilateral blocking of the actions of others, that it has had all along.

2. Over the last three years the UK has squandered an enormous amount of diplomatic capital, political credibility, goodwill and reputation. Regardless of where we go from here, that is not going to be quickly recovered. This impairs its ability to take collective or co-operative action.

So, although the UK's rights and entitlements in the EU will be unchanged, its influence will be greatly diminished. It will have to work hard to rebuild that, and it will take time, but it can be done, and it can certainly be more easily done if the UK remains a member than if it leaves, because remaining a member (a) indicates a deicsion to repudiate the disastrous course of recent years, and (b) gives it a position (votes in the Council) that it can leverage, by working co-operatively with other Member States and so reconstructing a reputation as a country capable of doing so. This will require a new generation of political leaders in the UK but, obviously, they need that anyway.

With everything carry on exactly as before? No, but it was never going to; that's not how history unfolds. Events, actions and decisions have consequences, and thereafter the world will always be different from how it was before those events happened, those actions were taken, those decisions were made. But the UK shouldn't be asking itself "how can we make things as they were before?" (That's what got them into delusional Brexit in the first place.) They should be asking "Given where we are now, where should we go from here?"

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