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app games that require solving physics puzzles

I used to have a game on my ipod touch about ten years ago where you had to build and connect these balls to make something go through a maze. You could use various kinds of balls and connectors to make your device bounce, not bounce, etc.

Are there apps where you can play games similar to this? I wish I knew the name of the app I played back then.
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Try The Incredible Machine.

ETA, it's an old PC game from the early 90's, but you should be able to find a 'current'/working version of it. I know I'll go download a copy and play it for a few days once in a while.

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Brain It On! it a pretty popular one these days. iOS/Android.

Also Brain Dots and Shatterbrain.

Sensing a trend. Off to trademark "Brainy McBrainbrain."

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Fantastic Contraption 2 is a flash game that has some pretty great puzzles along these lines. I played the heck out of it a few years ago.

Otherwise, searching for physics games on the Apple store gives a lot of highly-rated, free games.

I once bought Bridge Constructor Portal, and had a pretty good time with it: it combines bridge-building physics with the matched portals of the Steam game.
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Originally Posted by Joey P View Post
Try The Incredible Machine. has a version that works in your web browser.
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Monument Valley
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Monument Valley is great, and I recommended it wholly, but it's not at all physics based.

What you want specifically is Bond Breaker. It's all abound manipulating atoms such that they accomplish a particular goal -- lots of attraction and repulsion involved.
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Moving from CS to the Game Room.


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