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Old 11-29-2012, 07:38 AM
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December 15, Grant Park - Who Doesn't Love a Parade? Support for our Vets/Active Duty Military

Thanks to the Powers That Be for permission to post this! I appreciate it!

There's a homegrown parade this Saturday, December 15 at noon in Grant Park (from Balbo to Monnroe) to show support for our troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as all servicemembers active and retired. Details in the article linked above.

This is being organized by two folks who just want to say thank you and we support you - can our Chicago area Dopers show a little love too?

My husband and I are planning to go and I'm telling everyone I know and asking them too. Whether you supported this war or not is immaterial in my opinion - this is about the vets and what they've done, and us saying thank you for your service and your sacrifices.

I really hope I'll see you there. I'll bet you'll be happy you went.
Old 12-01-2012, 02:33 PM
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What a cool thing! I may be able to take the electric line up, and be let out right there!
Old 12-13-2012, 07:34 AM
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Coming up this weekend - hope some folks can be there.
Old 12-16-2012, 06:13 PM
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Location: Chicago. Kind of.
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Wanted to report back afterwards for anyone who is interested. It got almost zero airtime from the media - even on the television news. That's just so sad.

It was moving - in the extreme. The float for the Gold Star families and them walking with it had me in tears (we're a blue star family - I don't EVER want it to go "gold" - my grandparents were Gold Star families - but that's another story) - I just wish more people had been there. They all deserve it. ETA - I meant more people should have been at the PARADE - in rereading it, I can understand how someone may take that wrong.

I'm sorry I'm not explaining this well, but it moved me and my husband many times to tears. The looks on the servicemen's and servicewomen's faces as we thanked them and clapped made my day. Seeing the Tuskeegee Airmen that participated was just so awsome - I can't even explain it. The Freedom Riders were there - nothing like a bunch of vets on hogs racing their engines makes quite the loud, kick ASS sound! You can believe I got pictures of THAT!

The first responders from Chicago were recognized as well - it is amazing, to someone who doesn't GET in trouble, how much it can seem to mean to a policeman or a fireman (or woman - either way), just for someone to say THANK YOU. Yes, I know my husband is a throwback to the sixties and is STILL in constant trouble - I'm not. I DO appreciate all you do! And one of them let me pet his horse - which made me smile. Smiles are good.

I never realized, even with my son currently in the service, just how alone some of them can feel. What they are doing for us and what their families are going through for us really makes me, at least, think about how little they're given back. And that is very wrong.

We made some new friends - some sailors from Great Lakes who are far from home (I have letters to write to them - they're lonely and just want someone to talk to during the holidays) - a Marine Mom whose son just returned from Afghanistan after his second deployment and made it home the day after Thanksgiving (and wants to adopt one of the dogs - his life was saved over there by a German Shepherd that sniffed out a bomb that their metal detectors didn't find - his platoon DIDN'T get blown up), a Marine Corps Vet who lost his brother in Vietnam but wants to hear about my son's service - and is a volunteer with a number of Veteran's Support Groups. A man and a woman who lost their son and were a Gold Star family - they carried his picture so PROUDLY as they marched - and said they'd pray for our son.

It was an awe inspiring day.

And made me thankful all over again for all they do for us. And I'll be volunteering to give something back for whatever I can - anytime I can.

Thanks, SDMB Powers That Be for letting me post this to begin with - I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Last edited by Missy2U; 12-16-2012 at 06:17 PM. Reason: Cause I realized someone who reads really fast may not understand something I said because I don't write all that well.


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