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I want to become an NHL hockey fanatic ASAP and know nothing about it

I know next to nothing about hockey. NHL is really the only major pro sport I haven't followed my whole life and I haven't followed it at all. I know nothing about the game. Probably because where I grew up it was sort of a rare rich kid's sport and I was a latchkey kid with a basketball hoop and a yard and could always round up enough guys for pickup games of football, basketball, and baseball. or even go to the park and play tennis. Pop Warner, and Little League, and multiple basketball leagues were a heavy presence. Even lacrosse was more common as the local college was a powerhouse, though no local schools offered it. Hockey was like, girl's field hockey.

Anyway, I find myself interested in the sport and the NHL in particular. I have a favorite team. But I know nothing. How do I learn about NHL and the sport and go from knowing nothing to being a fanatic who can follow and participate in conversations, watch games, and know what is going on? Where would you start?
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Go to YouTube and search for Peter Puck. It's a series of very basic instructional short cartoons that explains the very basics of the game.

Now some of the rules have been tweaked over the decades since these cartoons were made, but the overall game is mostly the same.

Once you understand the basic fundamentals you really just need to start watching some games.

Here's part one of the series:

Look for the next parts and enjoy. Again, these are from the 1970s but it's a starting point.

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A good quick read. Hockey is not a complicated sport. The players and the culture are and Plimpton while antiquated is a great starters guide.

As for choosing a team to root for let us know where you live in the US or Canada and we can steer you in the right direction!

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Originally Posted by actualliberalnotoneofthose View Post
How do I learn about NHL and the sport and go from knowing nothing to being a fanatic who can follow and participate in conversations, watch games, and know what is going on? Where would you start?
Watch games with a friend who knows the sport.

If you have any specific questions by all means ask them here, but really, find a friend who knows you want to learn the game, sit down, and watch the games. No sport can really be understood with words on a page or screen; that is only a supplement to watching (or, ideally, playing.)
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Iíd think the easiest way to learn is to just dive into it and watch a broadcast game. Every time an announcer or ref throws out a term you donít understand just google it to get your answer. Forechecking, back checking, dump & chase, the neutral zone, the crease, delay of game, icing, pulling the goalie on a delayed penalty, carrying into the zone, stretch pass, breakaway, etc.
After you get a feel for the game and what the players are trying to do you end up watching the players move around instead of the puck.


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