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Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
Good idea. Bernie's clear path now is to go hard after Clinton.


And yeah, the "Reported" bit is tiresome.
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Originally Posted by Boozahol Squid, P.I. View Post
It looks like she's also ahead of Andrew Cuomo who, although he looks right now like an excellent bet for the next non-Biden Presidential nominee, has not ever even formed an exploratory committee nor expressed interest in running for President, and is also in front of Sanders.
Biden should pick her as his VP.
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Originally Posted by SlackerInc View Post

And yeah, the "Reported" bit is tiresome.
More tiresome than some idiot repeatedly talking about Biden dropping out of the race?
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Originally Posted by JKellyMap View Post
More tiresome than some idiot repeatedly talking about Biden dropping out of the race?
Certainly less entertaining.
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You know what? Enough.
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