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The cast of Father Ted as DC characters.

Yeah I know, I think the quarantine is getting to me.

My initial thoughts:

Bishop Brennan = Batman
Mrs Dougal = Albert
Father Dick Burn = Robin
Father Ted = Green Lantern
Father Stack = Joker
Niamh Connolly = Wonder Woman
Mary and John = Green Arrow and Black Canary

Dougal = ?
Father Stone = ?

Feel free to tear up and redo. As granular as you like.

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Father Fintan Stack as Bane surely?

The Joker is Father Noel Furlong.
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Originally Posted by Malden Capell View Post
Yeah I know, I think the quarantine is getting to me.

My initial thoughts:

Bishop Brennan = Batman
Mrs Dougal = Albert
I suspect you meant "Alfred" here.

I don't know who "Albert" could be.
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Sadly, my DC knowledge pretty much stopped at Adam West vintage Batman, but some being decades out of date won't stop me.

Father Dick Byrne has to be Ted's nemesis, perhaps the Joker, on account of his hilarious take-downs. His alcoholic geriatric priest and clueless novice associates seem suitable henchmen.

Father Larry Duff, of the unfortunate skiing holiday, tragic mobile phone etc could be Chief O'Hara. According to Wikipedia he's already made it into the Marvel Universe ['The character has been referenced in Spider-Man 2099, with a statue of Larry replacing that of Francis P. Duffy in a scene depicting Duffy Square.'

I would also expect Father Brian Eno to be capable of making a cameo as Brian Eno in any DC movie.


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