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Old 12-08-2019, 12:44 AM
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Lies you always tell yourself and you always believe

I have the day off tomorrow. I'm going to do so much. Clean the bathroom, do laundry, clean budgie cages, vacuum, aquarium water changes. I'll make a dentist appointment and also an appointment to get my shots for my trip.

Tonight I really believe this.

What will actually happen tomorrow:

Sit in front of the computer, wearing my pajamas and drinking tea till noon. Decide I don't really need to do laundry, the bathroom's not that dirty, I'll "forget" to make my appointments and then, at 4 I'll do the only thing that has to be done - clean budgie cages and aquarium water change.

At 8:00 I'll realize that not only have I done nothing, I've forgotten to shower and now I'll have to have one in the morning.

But I'm going to get so much done tomorrow!!
Old 12-08-2019, 01:25 AM
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I totally represent that. And all the stuff I was planning to do this Saturday will now be done tomorrow (ya, right)!
Old 12-08-2019, 05:21 AM
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Add a trip to the gym to your list and I'm right there with you.
There's plenty few problems in this life that can't be helped by a good day's work, a good night's sleep and a few swift kicks in the right asses.
Old 12-08-2019, 05:25 AM
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that is me everyday since i was abut 10 years old .....
Old 12-08-2019, 06:45 AM
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For many years I told myself all those same kinds of things everyday and believed them.

Eventually I grew up some, and quit believing most of that stuff.

More recently, I grew up even more and mostly quit even telling myself all that stuff. Why even bother to make a list?

(And of course, I've long since quit making New Years Resolutions.)
Old 12-08-2019, 08:16 AM
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FloatyGimpy, I do the same thing. The trick for me is to put only one item on my to-do list: (1) close the laptop. Usually, that's all it takes. After five minutes of no internet, I get bored and start doing chores.

My lie is that I tell myself I'm going to start eating salads twice a day. I did this once, years ago, and lost a lot of weight. However, I OD'd on salad then and now I can't eat them more than twice a week or so. But I keep lying to myself that I can go back to that!

Gah. Salad.
Old 12-08-2019, 08:18 AM
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I have the hardest time making doctor appointments for myself. I actually have to plan for it, much as you've described.

Inner monologue: Yeah, let's see, I'm off next Thursday, I'll call for my physical and eye doctor appointments on Thursday.

Then, next thing I know, it's Thursday afternoon and it's "too late". I'll do it next day off.

Last edited by Mean Mr. Mustard; 12-08-2019 at 08:18 AM.
Old 12-08-2019, 10:54 AM
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My entire phoney life is one big lie I tell myself. I don't really believe it anymore, just accept it and drone on.
Old 12-08-2019, 10:57 AM
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Life is worth living is a total lie. Yet I go on. And on. And on.
It may be because I'm a drooling simpleton with the attention span of a demented gnat, but would you mind explaining everything in words of one syllable. 140 chars max.
Old 12-08-2019, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by teela brown View Post
FloatyGimpy, I do the same thing. The trick for me is to put only one item on my to-do list: (1) close the laptop. Usually, that's all it takes. After five minutes of no internet, I get bored and start doing chores.
If there are things I really must do I usually do my trick of "10 and 10". I'll set my phone for 10 minutes and I work for 10 minutes, then I sit on the computer for 10 minutes. Back and forth till I get stuff done. Or I get "enough" done

Mmmmm, so warm and comfy in my pajamas, sipping my tea. I'll start doing stuff in a bit.
Old 12-08-2019, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by FloatyGimpy View Post
Tonight I really believe this.
I suspect that this is, itself, a lie you tell yourself.
Old 12-08-2019, 12:11 PM
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Tomorrow, I am throwing out all the sweets and chips and crappy "food" and eating healthy.

"Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! That's my other dog imitation." - Oddball
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I've been really bad about this the last few years. I used to have a hobby that used up every one of my vacation days by early October. Now that I've abandoned the hobby I end up with a bunch of vacation days to burn around Thanksgiving and the end of the year. I take the days off with big plans for getting projects done around the house. What actually happens, time after time is that I shut the alarm off at 5:45 AM and sleep way too late. Sleeping late does not refresh me, it drains my energy. But sleeping in feels so good while I'm doing it. So, I get up and drag myself to the warmest room in the house, my "office". That's where the desktop is and I start checking all my regular stops on the internet. Once I get all toasty warm, I'm increasingly reluctant to venture to the colder parts of the house, let alone go outside.
That said, I did take Friday off last week and from Thursday after work to Saturday afternoon I spent a lot of time outside getting caught up on leaf management.
Old 12-08-2019, 01:08 PM
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Said to my inner self last night:

"I'll be in bed by midnight, and out of bed by 9 AM feeling good. I've got some places to go and when I get back some yard work to do".

I just "had to" watch one more episode of a series I've been binge-watching, and my pre-bedtime routine ( brush/floss, load coffeemaker ) dragged out for unforseen reasons. In bed by 1:45 AM. Feel right to sleep. Woke at slightly after 6 AM for a swig of water. Tossed and turned till 8 AM or so. Slept fitfully till 10:40 AM. Felt groggy. Two mugs of coffee later, I feel awake but still tired. Will accomplish all I intend to do, albeit in a hurried manner and feeling somewhat lousy.
Old 12-08-2019, 02:50 PM
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I actually do have a dentist's appointment and really will make it.

I will also spend an hour at the gym, clean the kitchen, bake some biscotti, prove a new theorem, and run a marathon, not.
Old 12-08-2019, 03:07 PM
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I never believe the lies I tell myself. I know myself too well in that regard.
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"Yaaaawn" well it's 12:13 and I'm still in my pajamas. I did make myself some breakfast though so that sort of counts as doing something. We've decided to have a movie day so I don't imagine much of anything getting done except budgie cages and water change.
Old 12-08-2019, 06:40 PM
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At night I take my meds (prescribed and self-selected) and tell myself how great I am and what all I'll do tomorrow. I've forgotten that by morning and must face the truth of what a useless wretch I am. I assure myself I'm too sharp to lie to myself. Is that a lie too?

Things to do: A long, tedious list, easily procrastinated, so no worry.

Last edited by RioRico; 12-08-2019 at 06:41 PM.
Old 12-08-2019, 06:49 PM
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I'll only have a few spoonfuls of ice cream...
Old 12-08-2019, 06:55 PM
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I still have a chance with my ex.

I'll have learned to read more Chinese characters a year from now, yes I will...

I'm going to save money this year, meaningful savings.
Old 12-08-2019, 07:08 PM
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Addendum to my previous post upthread:

I really did hustle and worked like mad to get everything done I intended too, and even a bit more. But I feel fatigued as all get-out. Much too early to go to bed, too tired to enjoy the evening. A 45 minute or so nap is in order. Hopefully I don't f*ck that up....
Old 12-09-2019, 05:22 PM
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I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!


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