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Can You Browse News Websites on the Kindle?

I am considering purchasing a Kindle 2 in the near future, but I have a question I'd like to clear up first. I'm aware that you can purchase subscriptions to newspapers and periodicals, and that you can also access various blogs, but can you also access certain news websites? That is, if I don't want to subscribe to the New York Times or Time Magazine, can I go to their websites on the kindle and read their free articles?

Thanks to anyone who can address this.
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I'm not sure if the Kindle 2 uses the same browser, but Kindle 1 had a very basic, very crappy browser that was primarily good for text-only sites. A general rule I found was that if a site had a version designed for mobile devices (doesn't have to specifically be the Kindle), it would usually be ok and usable, if not optimal. Using the browser on more complicated sites, though, usually just wasn't worth the trouble due to all the formatting and navigation difficulties.

So... yes you probably CAN read their free articles, but I'd only do so if you think your time is utterly worthless. The paid subscriptions worked much better, as long as you can afford it.


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