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I am trying to update as possible; many of these columns were fine in their time but they're old and need a bit of checking. We learn, we grow, and Cecil didn't have access to what we do now back then ...

Y'all continue to help us get more up to date around here, that's really great.

your humble TubaDiva
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@Tuba Diva - Agreed, I don't think it's any negative reflection on the original research or column that in last XX years new information has come to light outdating the old.

@ DrDeth
...but why is it the MSG?
It's called the illusion of causality. Someone told Senegold about "Chinese restaurant syndrome" and his brain created a false causal link between his physical feelings and the MSG. It's not Senegold's fault, once that link is established it's very very difficult to shake it.

IMHO, it's a cornerstone of what makes us human. When we tried that plant in the jungle and we felt sick afterward we never ate it again, even of that's not what actually made us sick. Sometimes our causal brains are correct, sometimes not. On the whole however, a false positive (especially about about what hurts you) is evolutionarily better than a false negative. Our brains err on the side of the caution.

A great example is vaccines and autism. A colleague's son was diagnosed with autism a month after getting vaccinated and to her the vaccine is 100% causal. Like Senegold, no discussion of scientific studies etc will ever change her mind.

Illusions of causality occur when people develop the belief that there is a causal connection between two events that are actually unrelated. Such illusions have been proposed to underlie pseudoscience and superstitious thinking, sometimes leading to disastrous consequences in relation to critical life areas, such as health, finances, and wellbeing.
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Originally Posted by Senegoid View Post
Sorry, D'Anconia and RitterSport, but I'm not able to see that display of items that DO have MSG. I am only able to pull up the list of items that do NOT have MSG.
Originally Posted by Senegoid View Post
What hole did you just pull your head out of? Did you not notice that RitterSport posted this same KFC information yesterday (Post #25) and that I acknowledged it (Post #26)?
It's ok to admit that you're not great at using filters on websites. We'll still like you.
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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
OK, so what's outdated about it? It says that critics say bad things about it, but that there's no conclusive evidence for what they're saying. Is that not still accurate?
" but critics say in its purified form it can be a potent neurotoxin, causing nerve cells literally to excite themselves to death".

At the time of writing, that was true. Now, it would have to be re-written:

"It is now known that in its purified form it is not a neurotoxin, and does not cause nerve cells literally to excite themselves to death".
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Remember that everything is a toxin, and favorite foods are no exception.
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Originally Posted by Jackmannii View Post
Remember that everything is a toxin, and favorite foods are no exception.
I'll have the monosodium glutamate with chicken and vegetables, hold the chicken and vegetables.
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It's still a true statement. Critics do still say that. They're wrong, but they say it.
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But it would be misleading to just say that without mentioning that it is a factually false position.

It would be like a column on the MMR vaccine just saying "Critics say it causes autism".


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