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Old 02-27-2018, 10:32 PM
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Why am I meeting so much defensiveness?

Two threads I started were closed within minutes. I was told to start a pit thread, which I did, and it was immediately taken for granted that I am crazy. Why? I'm obviously talking rationally.

Certain posters are acting like I got to tell my story when, again, both threads were closed within minutes. Sorry, it's possible I didn't answer every argument and questions, but, let me remind you again, both threads I started were closed within minutes.

So, this is my question: why am I meeting so much defensiveness about this subject? People are acting like I'm saying this level of racism is commonplace in B.C., or that I'm accusing all British Columbians of racism. I'm not. I had one specific problem with one specific woman, but people get weirdly defensive about it, as if they assume I'm trying to extrapolate. Not just posters on this message board.

Are my words really so irrational? I don't think I sound so crazy.

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What do you want us to do about it? Others have said, people are treated poorly every day for variety reasons.

I was once at a restaurant with a business associate. The waitress treated us terribly. She clearly acted like she didn’t want us in her establishment. If either of us were non-white, you would never have convinced me in 1 million years that she was not a racist. Yet, we were both middle-aged white guys on a business trip. Whatever was going on with her, probably had nothing to do with us.

You’re not going to get an explanation from the bus driver. you’re not going to get an apology from the bus company. You’re not going to get this board riled up in your defense.
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The Moderator Speaks

Stick to the Pit thread. Iím closing this. Open any more threads on the subject and youíll be suspended.
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