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Originally Posted by Omniscient View Post
I also did this. Which still makes him the most productive rookie QB.
As I said before: "What is amusing though is that Watson, despite playing in 5 less games, still scored more fantasy points than Trubisky."
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Some proposals to make this league more competitive and easier to manage.

1. Lower the roster size from 25 to 20. This will make FAAB and trading a lot more interesting I think.

2. Instead of managing the rookie draft where you have to cut down to the number of picks you want, have 2 cut dates. The first cut date before the rookie draft you must get down to at least 20 on the roster. Then we do a 6 round rookie draft where everyone gets the same number of picks and then we cut down again to 20.

3. Do the draft order based on points scored for non-playoff teams, and final finish for playoff teams. I cannot keep track of the way our draft order works at all.
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I vote no on #1, though I'm not opposed to slimming down the rosters slightly.

Instead of #2, why don't we do what the NFL does? Instead of released players going into the draft pool, they go into free agency, and everyone can bid on them with a pre-set budget based on the draft order. Then we have the draft as usual.

Totally on board with #3.
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The goal of #2 is to significantly reduce complexity surrounding the draft. It eliminates the requirement to swap last round picks, eliminates extra picks for IR designation (schedule the final cut date after the NFL IR date), and gives us a very straightforward draft that is easy to manage on the boards. Any counter-proposal which adds extra drafts or complexity is a total non-starter for me.

I feel very strongly about reducing roster size, I truly hate this league with the rosters at their current size. It is BORING.
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I like our rosters - a lot of leagues have a taxi squad, but we essentially have that built in by simply keeping players you like in the long term on your roster. It's interesting to me to keep a guy you don't think will be too good this year but might be good in a year or two - much more interesting than waiting for that player to break out and then being the guy who snatches him off the waiver wire. But if we were to cut down roster sizes, I think 5 in one year is way too big a jump. It'd be easier to introduce reducing the roster sizes 1 or 2 slots a year for more than one year than to make a big leap like that at once.

I also think our draft of all FA and rookies in one go, filling up as many slots as you have at draft time, is quite elegant. I know you don't like the potential complexities of trading future picks - but we could always get rid of that without totally changing our draft system. We can simply take future draft pick trading off the table to simplify things if that's what people want - and then the drafts aren't complicated at all. We know the draft order and number of players each team is drafting and everyone who isn't on a roster is available.

I can't remember how we do draft order now, I'd have to go look it up. I'm fine with the proposal.


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