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Old 01-31-2011, 03:44 AM
EvilTOJ EvilTOJ is offline
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3G Telepathy; Insane mumblings or awesome inevitability?

OK here's my idea. We already do some type of telepathy, in the form of text messages and smartphone IM's. For example, how many times have you sneak-texted someone during a meeting or class? Or a date? Or the bathroom? We already take our thoughts and put them down into a digital media, the bottleneck is how we do so. Virtually everyone I know under 30 with a smartphone and a data-plan basically has two kinds of conversations; the ones where they talk, and the ones where they type. Once we make the process hands free and silent then telepathy will be upon us!

All we need is some special glasses that will put up a HUD-style keyboard that you can type with your eyeballs on, and a WiFi or cellphone connection. Instead of using your hands to type on a phone to send a text or IM to someone, you just use your eyes (which, to an outside observer would see you maybe flitting your eyes about). I know the technology already exists, as fellow Doper blinkie uses it to talk to others.

Future generations will be able to do the same thing with neural implants, and scoff at our primitive eyeglass technology (you have to use your EYES? That's like a baby's toy! ) So what do you think? Are we well on our way to being able to communicate with others with no visible means of support or is this the drug addled ramblings of a Sci-Fi nerd with too much time on his hands? I tried describing this scenario to friends and they all look at me like I'm crazy. AND they don't believe me.

So what say you? I made a poll just because.
Old 01-31-2011, 08:29 AM
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Telepathy has a definition, and nothing you have proposed is it.
Old 01-31-2011, 09:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
Telepathy has a definition, and nothing you have proposed is it.
What do you think telepathy means?

Even if we had thought-controlled communication, that would not be true telepathy. It would still be from devivce (thing directly attached to our heads that somehow reads the firing of our neurons) to other device (thing attached to friend's head).

But no, I don't think it's close. Voice-activated technology still doesn't work well!


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