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Originally posted by Duke
Private cars aren't permitted to drive in the Oxford city centre anymore, thank God, but in the 60's I heard that crossing High Street was like trying to cross the M1.
They've changed it since I was there then. I remember once getting stuck for FIFTEEN minutes in the very centre, where the High Street turns left round into St Aldates. I only wanted to go to Cornmarket, and was right there, but the driver wouldn't let me off in the middle of the road. He insisted in waiting until he had turned into St Aldates and parked at the bus stop there.

Bit of a jobsworth, IMO, as the traffic was *completely* stagnant in all lanes and keeping me waiting for a quarter of an hour felt tantamount to false imprisonment!

This was during the notorious "bus wars" of the mid-late 1990s, between the Oxford Bus Company and Thames Transit.

Re the Roman streets thing: many of our better roads are in fact Roman roads. If you look on a map of the whole of the UK you can actually see where they are (have a look round Cirencester) - they are as straight as a die, far straighter than any motorways or highways built today.
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originally posted by brad_d:
To most Americans the "inside" lane would be the one closest to the middle of the road, no matter which side a particular country drives on.
originally posted by Mangetout:
I try not to use the term 'inside lane', as it means different things to different people, even within the UK (outside=as far 'out' or away from the lane in which you start, or outside=the part of the road which borders the countryside or pavement(sidewalk)).

slow-middle-fast(central reservation)fast-middle-slow is the configuration regardless of left or right hand drive - the fast lane is the one furthest away from the slip roads/on ramps.
That's why I was careful to phrase my question the way I did, without reference to which side people drive on.

Me, I like to drive on the upper side on the road...
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