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One of my favorite ranges is in the basement of a local gun shop. The range has a separate outdoor entrance.

I'll check with the gun shop after doing my research.
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My favorite AR is 9mm. Itís used for recreational shooting only. I also have one in .22LR. Itís only purpose is ventilating tin cans but itís accurate enough that it could be used for squirrel, rabbit, etc.

As for the OPís question, they are (in 5.56 caliber) very popular with coyote hunters. Enough juice to deliver a humane kill and quick on follow up shots if the first one isnít fatal enough. As mentioned above, 5.56/ .223 is considered by many to be insufficient for a humane kill on deer. This comes as a surprise to some non gun type people that are convinced that an AR blasts anything it hits into smithereens.
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Originally Posted by EdelweissPirate View Post
Thatís part of my point: almost any true hunting rifle/caliber one cares to name will induce hydrostatic shock (though I agree that the concept is controversial). 5.56 isnít uniquely dangerous; itís (marginally) less dangerous than most deer rifles.
Again its one of those -------- maybe. Maybe its more dangerous. Like I said, we have some lively discussions seminar evenings up at the Chapel on the Hill (the local bar).

IF you are close enough to still be at high velocity and IF the bullet behaves in a manner as predictable as these people think, then MAYBE a .223 has more killing potential than say a .30-30 or .30-06. I quote from the above
".22 caliber bullets are much thinner and weaker than .30. 5.56x45mm also produces higher velocity than 7.62x51mm and .30-06. The combination causes an increased tendency for bullets to break at their cannelure then fragment when they tumble after entering flesh, with the pieces tearing stretched tissues that would otherwise snap back. The resulting wounds are more severe."

This is a snippet at best but it illustrates that with modern firearms and science combined, few answers are totally yes or no.
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Whatever utilitarian value another rifle has, chances are good that an AR platform rifle will do it better.

And at a very reasonable cost, barring the "Gucci" pay-more-for-same-performance rifles.


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