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Like Enipla, I carry a small Buck knife, a Model 379. Handy, very sharpenable and small enough to ride in your pocket unnoticed.
Also, inexpensive enough that replacement cost doesn't hurt much if you forget it's in your pocket and have to give it up to get into a Major League baseball game.
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Originally Posted by puzzlegal View Post
Originally Posted by Hapax Legomenon View Post
...The Utilikey is nice because of the little tiny Phillips-head screwdriver. I've also learned how to trim my fingernails with the serrated bit, eliminating the need to carry scissors. Theoretically it has a bottle openiner as well, but I've never tried it out.
Oooh! I just bought a utili-key. If it works for hangnails, it may replace the little key knife I'm carrying now.
Well, my two-pack arrived, and I'm sad that I don't care for it. The blade isn't sharp enough, and it's awkward that it's so far from the handle (due to the saw part, which doesn't seem useful.) Maybe you got lucky and got a sharper one?

I also tried using the screw driver, and found it awkwardly placed. It's hard to use than the end of my pocket knife, which I do sometimes use for minor screwdriver things, like the little screw in glasses, or in electronics.

Originally Posted by black rabbit View Post
It's a shade over 2" long.

Honestly, I don't really miss having a real knife. I value getting through security with zero delays and zero brainpower more than I value having a knife these days.
Sigh. I do. When I fly with no checked luggage it drives me nuts to be without a blade for the duration of the trip.
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I generally carry two pocketknives;

Buck 110 Auto, the actual Buck manufactured model, not a third-party modified 110, automatic knives are legal in Maine and New Hampshire.

Alox (Aluminum Oxide) Victorinox Farmer, it's an aluminum scaled Swiss Army Knife with spear blade, can opener, bottle opener, awl, and wood saw, it's a great, durable, compact SAK, also, the blade and the bottle opener tools are slightly thicker/more robust than the standard blade/bottle opener

I'll occasionally pair them with a Leatherman Surge
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None at all. I used to carry a multipurpose pocketknife, a Kershaw.

But since beginning to work in a prison over 17 years ago, where such things are forbidden, I now make a point to never carry such all purpose potential shanks on me, lest I forget and bring it into work.

I'll probably start carrying one again after retiring.


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