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Kudos to the first responders who did their jobs exceptionally on that day.

But today I feel nowhere near the anger for the terrorists that I do for the cowards who rushed through the Patriot Act and every subsequent degradation of our personal freedoms, as well as the assholes who lied us into 2 unwarranted endless wars.

The terrorist acts on 9/11 were horrendous. But we COULD have recovered from them in a manner that was consistent with purported American values, and which would have created positive longterm results. W, the neocons, the Congressional cowards, and the ignorant revenge seeking Americans harmed the US far more than Bin-Laden and his followers ever did or could have.
I used to be disgusted.
Now I try to be amused.

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Originally Posted by Inigo Montoya View Post
* That the US is sending people to fight in wars of retaliation that were begun before they were born, and for which the alleged instigators (Saddam & Osama) have already been executed
What did Saddam have to do with 911?
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Originally Posted by Beckdawrek View Post
Just a moment.
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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
What I remember most about that day is seeing no planes in the sky while driving home from work.
I was living almost next door to LAX. It was genuinely weird.


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