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Old 08-11-2018, 03:53 PM
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Tapatalk problem you need to aware of.

Yesterday I got the all too common, network error, no threads on Tapatalk.

I assumed the SDMB had crashed and would return soon. 24 hours later, I still saw No Threads

Used Chrome to bring up SDMB and it seemed to be up and active.

I tried other boards setup on my Tapatalk and they worked fine.

I finally tried logging out of the SDMB and that fixed the issue.

I haven't given in and setup a central Tapatalk account & login. I consider it unnecessary and obtrusive. Yet another way of tracking. I haven't allowed them to access my location either. Nosey so and so's can pound dirt.

Anyhow, if you get No Threads and waited a few hours for the SDMB to fix itself. Try logging out.

I "think" there was a network error on the SDMB but have no way to confirm.

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Old 08-11-2018, 04:23 PM
aceplace57 aceplace57 is online now
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: CentralArkansas
Posts: 24,390
I can't post a poll here.

It would be worthwhile to poll and see how many people have created a Tapatalk account.

I'll do it in imho.
Old 08-11-2018, 05:36 PM
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Thread moved to ATMB
Old 08-11-2018, 05:41 PM
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Lemme see what I can find out. Since it's the weekend it will take a while.

your humble TubaDiva
Old 08-12-2018, 09:09 AM
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This is just one of many reasons that I dropped Tapatalk like a hot potato once SDMB got the mobile-friendly Sultantheme. I'd either get the "no threads" message, or it would look like I was logged in but I really wasn't, and if I wanted to post a reply I'd have to log out and log back in first.

The only problem I have with Chrome + Sultantheme is that pages can sometimes be slow to load when on mobile data, but I'd rather have that than all the Tapatalk BS.


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