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Old 03-22-2002, 04:02 PM
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Quit dicking around!!

Okay, for some of you, this may sound like a whiney rant with no reason, but dammit all to hell, it's pissing me off and i'm gonna rant about it!!

So I'm looking for a new car. My current car is on it's last legs and seeings how I drive an average of 200 miles a day, having a reliable car is kinda important.

My stepdad doesn't get too much excitement in his life. He's retired and sits at home bugging my mom (she works at home) all day. So I go over and entertain him whenever I get a chance (I work full time, go to school and like to think I have some sort of social life so it's not too often) to get him off my moms back before she has a nervous breakdown. So I'm thinkin' "hey, he'll probably get a kick out off the car buying thing, it's something to entertain him with."

It all started about a month and a half ago. He knew I was going out of the country for a week tommorow (a month and a half from then). He asked me to please wait until I got home, god only knows why. I said no way, my car is dying (I can hear the damn thing coughing up a lung!) and I'm actually worried for my safety. The goddamn thing is a death trap! He obvousily doesn't have the same flair for the dramatic as me. So we compromise, I'll wait a couple of weeks and shop around with him, but I will NOT wait a couple of MONTHS (every time my parents do ANYTHING it has to be a huge fuckin' production. NOTHING can be simple, no no, you have to beat it until it's DEAD).

I found my car! I know the dealer, price and car I want. But NO NO!! He wants me to PLEASE wait until I get back!! Fine. My mom guilt tripped me (i'm 24 for those of you that are curious, live on my own as well) and I agreed, with the understanding that I'll get it as soon as I get back! (My money too, for those of you that are wondering) He wants me to research dealerships and models. I made a BINDER of EVERY dealer in our area, the top consumer reports rated cars, EVERYTHING. I did everything he asked for!! I even made up a delightful cover page.

*side note: every time my stepdad postpones, I have to call the car guy and postpone, he's getting irritated at me as well.

I just called him, turns out MY PARENTS ARE GOING OUT OF TOWN AND WONT BE BACK UNTIL A WEEK AFTER I GET BACK!!! Then he wants me to wait all weekend and by the time we go? Would've been TWO FUCKING MONTHS! Something I would've gotten done on my own in a week: TWO FUCKING MONTHS!!

I'm ready to say fuck it and get the damn thing without him, but I know i'll never hear the end of it from either of my parents. I know it's my own life, but I try to be a good daughter and do nice things for my parents. When my mom goes out of town I'll bring over dinner and a movie and hang with my stepdad so he doesn't get lonely. None of my brothers live close by so whenever he needs help moving anything or whatever, I always come over to help him. All I want to do right now though is smack him!! This is making me so damn angry now I'm shaking!!!

Any advice?
Old 03-22-2002, 04:17 PM
Bad News Baboon Bad News Baboon is offline
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It's your decision. It's your money.

Call up your Step dad and find out concretely why it is you must wait. Who knows, maybe he does have a valid point for waiting. If he doesn't then you can tell him that you WILL buy your car on X date and he can come or not, as he wishes.

If you think you have all the informed facts, then do it.

You're a big girl now: Sooner or later you will have to stand up to your parents and do something against their 'wishes'. Sometimes it seems that the more you bow to their wishes, the more they will expect their wishes to be taken as law. YMMV.

Be prepared, however, to hear an endless rain of 'I told you so's sould something go wrong with the car.

What I don't understand is the correlation you make with making a decision on your own and being good.
The worst thing that can happen is they will get miffed. They will get over it. You still are a good daughter.
Old 03-22-2002, 07:11 PM
sunacres sunacres is offline
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Lez, you're asking for advice but you know what to do. Just go ahead and do it.


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