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What exactly is "rough" sex?

I was talking to an acquaintance the other day and (after several beers) he was complaining that because his wife had hurt her back in an bicycle accident that the good, hard "rough" sex they enjoyed was off the menu for the foreseeable future (possibly forever).

It was a bit TMI for me but I was intrigued by what people might consider enjoyable "rough" sex to be ( I didn't ask him) ? I know that depending on the mood a woman might want to be enthusiastically and aggressively ravished (within limits) and on the verge of climax might want to have her partner be a human piston, but as a large and powerful man I have never felt comfortable even considering the possibility of "roughly" handling a woman.

I would imagine that (like most things sexual) "rough sex" means different things to different people. What the hell is “good” rough sex to most people? Is it simply aggressive lovemaking, sophisticated restraints, light S&M, biting and scratching ... or what?
Old 06-09-2002, 09:07 PM
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Vigourous, unrestrained rutting, with teeth and fingernails and lips and wrestling for position and tangled sheets and sweatty bodies and complete happy exhaustion awaiting both of you...

Hmm... I wonder if the missus is sleeping yet...


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