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- - - Re: The Sims-
- - - If you folow PC games at all, you've likely heard about it by now. In the tradition of the various SimCity, SimIsland, SimFarm(woohoo!!!), etc., ect., now a simulation of real actual people, up close and in your face. - - - The interesting thing about it is that I seem to be seeing more info online about torturing the Sims rather than trying to help them lead happy lives. This is effectively being promoted by the game publishers themselves - this isn't like the Dogz and Catz add-ons that let you do things like feed them trash, beat them and then lock them outide in the rain. (I haven't seen any such mods for Kidz, though I fear it's only coming). Are there any other games with this: a "backward" objective being promoted, as well as a "forward" one? - MC
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All the Sim games are of this nature. They're what Maxis refers to as "software toys", which means they're not "games" - there's a way to win, but you're not necessarily encouraged to do so. You can do whatever you want with it without feeling like you're "throwing the game". So if people are torturing the Sims, it's their own twisted psyche. Hey, better torture a computer program than take it out on your loved ones. :P


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