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Why Do Deaf Kids Make Those 'Grunting' Noises?

Why do children who were born deaf often make those 'grunting' sounds? Could this give us insight into our ancestral language?? Is this why people tend to revert back to this 'grunting' language during episodes of intense passion or extreme pain, because they lose their cultural inhibitions against doing so during these times???

And what about 'feral' children who aren't deaf- do they make those grunting sounds as well?

Old 07-31-2002, 12:14 PM
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Not sure on this one...I'd imagine that it's just another noise by the body - air moving in a certain way, etc. Not sure if it is intentional, etc.

Yeah. Well. I'm going to leave this one alone now.

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Generally, individuals deaf from birth or early childhood make grunting noises because they have not learned to control their breathing the way hearing people do. Since they can't hear themselves make noises, they don't know that they are, and thus don't try not to.

Those deafened in later life generally do not grunt or otherwise vocalize randomly because they learned breath control before they lost their hearing. This skill is picked up very early on, usually around six months of age.
Old 07-31-2002, 12:23 PM
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Have you really thought about this question?

My parents are profoundly deaf, I grew up around a lot of deaf adults and children. Deaf adults make this "grunting noise" too. You would too if you weren't aware of the sounds you're making. It's as simple as that - hearing people don't make these sounds because they are aware of making them and thus are aware of how to not make them.

It's nothing to do with "reverting" - they're natural noises we'd all make if we didn't censor the sounds we make so much. Ever sit down a bit too hard? You grunt.

It's nothing to do with "ancestral language". Deaf people just don't censor their noise as much because they can't hear it in the first place. Deaf people also make a lot more noise in the kitchen - pots and pans get banged about a lot more loudly then they would if they could hear them. Think this is a return to our ancestral way of cooking?
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SWAG - Although they don't realize they're creating sound, the vibrations may provide some kind of aesthetic sensation?
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Being Deaf myself, I agree with Francesca
, they can't hear themselves. Sometimes the answer is simple.


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