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Old 08-26-2002, 07:57 AM
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Help! My computer crashes when I try to use the printer!

Well, the thread title pretty much says it. I click File, click Print, click OK on the dialog box, light on the printer blinks as usual, then, <black> my computer reboots. Does anyone know the possible cause of why this happens, and how I might go about finding a remedy for this? For the record, I spend quite a bit of time using the 'net, yet I'm not that computer literate (I took computer class when DOS was still in vogue; not much training in Windows). Possibly a virus? Thanks.
Old 08-26-2002, 08:17 AM
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Without knowing more about your system, it's even harder to diagnose. It sounds like a driver incompatibility with whatever version of Windows you're using. You can visit your printer manufacturer's website and download updated drivers. It could also be too little RAM available for the print queue.
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Is this a printer connected by USB? Do you use Windows 2000? If so, this problem has been driving me batty at work (I'm tech support) for 5 months now. We have exactly the same symptoms you describe. The best I can suggest is to apply the latest service pack. You can also try to use different but compatible printer drivers, preferably ones that came with the OS.

I personally suspect faulty printer drivers, but if more printers other than the ones we have (thermal receipt printers) are causing PC's to reboot, perhaps it is M$'s fault after all.


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