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Old 12-02-2002, 10:32 AM
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going on a vacation - what to tell the kids?

The kids are three and one. We're going on a four-day cruise in Feb. This is a big step for us, and I would like some advice on what we tell the kids, and when? And what about the day we leave? Do we wake them up to say bye? I'm a little anxious about the whole deal, but it's a good thing for us to get away. I know my wife needs a break.

And how hard was it for anyone else to take a vacation without the kids? I'm a little anxious, I don't want to be thinkin of the kids every second of the trip, but I'm also excited about the trip for reasons which I assume are obvious.
Old 12-02-2002, 10:44 AM
In Conceivable In Conceivable is offline
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Are they going to stay with someone they have stayed with before? If not then maybe a sleep over between now and Feb at least for the three year old might be a good idea.

I would just tell them. Maybe not now because Feb is far away for little kids. But a few weeks before the trip tell them that you and mommy are going on a vacation and that they will be going on a vacation too! Make it a little bit exciting for them.

I hope that you have a wonderful cruise.
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As long as you bring them back something cool and you leave them with someone they enjoy; they'll look forward to your vacations as much as you.
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Sue Duhnym Sue Duhnym is offline
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Oooh. The first time is hard, so I think four days is a good amount of time. Our first trip away from Kiddo (1 year at the time) was a week and we were miserable by the end.

Anyway, advice. Tell them. Don't lie, don't spin want your kids to trust and respect you. Just say that Mommy and Daddy want to spend some time together doing grown-up stuff and that you'll miss them very much while you're away.

Call them every day (it'll be expensive from a ship but worth it...time it while you're in port) and send them a postcard at home. Buy a gift to bring back. I always spend a night or two with Kiddo at the place she's staying (my mom's) too so she's not just "dropped off" and is comfortable that I'm coming back.

Try to leave them with someone who is able to deal with kids. My sister is 12 so my parent's house is always great and similar to our house in the gogogo attitude. There's toys, a piano, cats, a swingset, etc. My IL's are older than my parents and more sedentary, preferring to play board games, read and watch tv. Their house is also sort of pristine and cold (not condusive to a child at all) and their bedroom in on the first floor with all the guest rooms on the second, which is scary for a kid that still wakes up in the middle of the night yelling for mommy.

Oh, make a paper chain. Use all one color, except for a different color for the day they're going to Gramma's (or wherever) and the day you're coming back. They can rip a piece off the chain each day and feel some confidence in knowing that "This color meant I was going to Gramma's and I did. This color means Mom and Dad are coming back and they will."

And have some fun!


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