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how can I get rid of mosquitoes in my apartment?

I have no idea how or why these mosquitoes are getting into my apartment. All I know is that I'm being eaten alive and that I'm pretty sure mosquitoes are at fault (I've killed about five of them in the past few days).

I know they lay eggs in standing water, but I don't have any of that. How do I get rid of them?? And shouldn't they be dying soon? The outside temperature has been in the seventies the past few days, but it's in the sixties now.
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Originally Posted by booklover
II know they lay eggs in standing water, but I don't have any of that.
Are you sure about that? It doesn't take much water for mosquitos to successfully breed in fairly large numbers: less than 1/2 inch in an area the size of a catfood can is sufficient. If you've got them in sizeable numbers inside, then chances are they are breeding in there someplace, especially if you're finding them alive at this time of year. You really need to look for sources of standing water.
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They are getting in through a slit in a window screen that you don't realize is there, or through a gap between the screen frame and the window, or under the door where there is a gap. These are all entry points for mosquitos at my house in the past.

They are breeding in the dog's water dish out in the backyard. Or in the broken birdbath under the back porch that has only a half-inch of water in it. Or in the hollows left in the deflated kiddie wading pool that's still out there in the yard that you haven't gotten around to putting away in the garage. Or in the little plastic kiddie pool toys that are all out there in a clump in the yard, with water in them. Or in the drainage saucers under the big planters on the deck. Had a lot of rain lately? Those saucers are full.

And in my experience only a killing frost and at least a few days of about below-40 temps will be cold enough to make any kind of inroads into the local mosquito population. 65 degrees? Pfui. Won't even faze 'em.


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