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Today Show (NBC) live coverage of 9/11

I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this. I considered all of the forums but it didn't really seem to belng anywhere, so if this is not the best place please feel free to move it!

I am looking to obtain a tape or DVD of the Today Show for 9/11/01, that will show the footage from the beginning of the WTC event, through about noon. I was watching that channel at home that day but never thought to tape any of it. I have four very small children and I know that they will never have the same sense of this day that we all do, and someday, when they are older, I want to be able to show it to them. I also want it for my own remembrance.

I know there are lots of compiled documentaries, by CBS and CNN, but I really would like to get a simple unedited tape of the first 3-4 hours, ideally beginning before the first plane hit.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The Today Show will sell you 5 minutes of footage of any show for $150, which is impossible. I watch Ebay but nothing has come up that is appropriate yet, although there are some things that are close.

I appreciate any suggestions.

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I think the closest thing to a simple unedited tape that you're going to get, commercially anyway, is 9/11. It's the footage shot by the French film maker brothers that was shown a while back. It does start before the first plane hit. This may be the CBS one you mentioned.
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According to this page , you can order Today Show footage from NBC, though it sounds like it might be pricey:

Video Tapes: TODAY videotapes are available for purchase through NBC News archives (212) 664-6213. Please fax your request to: (212) 703-8558. There is a minimum charge of $150.00 for up to five minutes of tape. Please include the date, subject and any other information that might help with your request. Once your letter is received, you will be sent an agreement form. Once the form is signed and returned to NBC with payment, your request will be filled.
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I'm not sure that you can find raw footage from any TV outlet at this point. Storage space is too valuable to maintain a taped copy for this long.

Your best bet is probably do some "wanted"-type advertising to see if someone did tape it who would be willing to copy it for you.

That said, the 9/11 CBS documentary did a beautiful job of capturing that day, even if it is "finished" footage.

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Vanderbilt University has set up a TV News archive. They do sell copies of the tapes and I think they will loan them through interlibrary loan to other libraries - but you may be charged a fee by your library.

Registration is required to search the database, but it's free, and once you're in you can browse by date - and from there you can see what they have in their collection.
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I don't know whether they make copies, but the museum of television & radio is almost certain to have this material in its archives, available for viewing at their library.

Copyright restrictions probably limit how much can be sold by any commerical enterprise.

I dunno, but as I recall that day, the news broadcasts reflected enormous confusion, a lot of repetition and a lot of chatter by people who really didn't know much. For your purposes, the edited tapes might be more useful.

For the CBS show,

For the HBO special,

For CNN's


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