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Noticed a column on the oak island "money pit" that apparently was old enough to not include the following:


Gives a pretty convincing argument that the whole thing is
pretty much a misinterpreted natural occurance. As an added
bonus you also get a discussion on Freemasonry!

Sorry if someone else has posted this before, I didn't have time to go through all the gazillions of posts.
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Louie Louie is offline
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Helping out Arnold....

The link to the column jk1245 is talking about can be found here :

What's the scoop on the mysterious buried treasure at Oak Island?
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whitetho whitetho is online now
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and the column, as illustrated by Slug, appears on pages 441-446 of More of the Straight Dope. (I notice this was back when Slug still sometimes drew "cute" illustrations--there are no smokers, semi-nude women or bodily fluids in the illustration).

Also, there was some earlier discussion about the Skeptical Inquirer article in this forum in March: oak island treasure

Sorry if someone else has posted this before, I didn't have time to go through all the gazillions of posts. You can use the search engine -- there is a "search button" near the top of the page to find discussions like this. I did a seach on "oak island" and it came right up.
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Duck Duck Goose Duck Duck Goose is offline
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Skeptical Inquirer on the Oak Island Treasure
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Arnold Winkelried Arnold Winkelried is offline
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please don't forget the link to the online column

Welcome to the SDMB, and thank you for posting your comment.
Please include a link to Cecil's column if it's on the straight dope web site.
To include a link, it can be as simple as including the web page location in your post (make sure there is a space before and after the text of the URL).

Cecil's column can be found on-line at the link kindly provided by Louie (thank you Louie!)

The column (including Slug Signorino's illustration) can also be found in the book mentioned by whitetho (thank you whitetho!)
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I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the book "Riptide", written by the same guys who gave us "The Relic". It's a story about treasure hunters digging up a very thuinly disguised Oa Island Treasure. Since this is fiction, they can give you the whole bizarre mythology as if it's real. it's wonderfully ludicrous, and worth the read for your Oak Island fix (one of the authors wrote a piece on Oak Island. Joe Nickell cites it in his Skeptical Inquirer article), just like The Relic was worth reading for the outre image of a monster running loose in the bowels of the American Museum of Natural History.
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There was an article about this on the june 1988 issue of Smithsonian Magazine with some nice photos


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