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Whatever happened to Mason Reese?

There is a student film by that name, but IMDB doesn't have a biography on him. I've heard (or read) a rumour that he owned a strip club in New York. So what did happen to 'The Borgasmord Kid'?
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Didn't he die when he ate a bunch of Pop Rocks with too much Coca Cola? No wait, I think he was killed in Viet Nam.

Or maybe I'm thinking of Rodney Allen Rippy...
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MASON REESE (b. 1966)
(The "borgasmord" pitchkid for Underwood Deviled Ham, circa early 1970s.)
Last seen: Transforming himself into a New York City nightclub empresario (1996-ish); appearing in future Rush Hour director Brett Ratner's student short, Whatever Happened to Mason Reese? (1990).
From Wiki

Mason Reese (born April 11, 1966) was a child star in numerous television commercials in the 1970's, particularly for Underwood Deviled Ham. He was somewhat overweight and spoke with a slight lisp, making him a very recognizable figure. His only appearances since this time have been on the Howard Stern show.

Retrieved from ""
From 05/2/92
3) Howard Stern's Tribute to Breasts: Michael Spinks and Mason Reese try to guess celebrity breasts/Jessica Hahn via satellite/Al Rosenberg gets a breast exam/Sally Kirkland via satellite/The History of the Bra/Bra Removing Contest/Jaye P. Morgan via satellite/Wacky Breast Tricks/Davy Jones of The Monkees/Howard and the gang sing "Breasts Feed the World" - Original Air Date 4/26/92 #61
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I saw him on a cable "child stars" show and man oh man oh man... to use the cliche he crawled up that ugly tree, jumped off and hit every branch on the way down. (He was a "so ugly he was cute" kid but became a just plain ugly adult.)

Unfortunately the show didn't tell what he was doing now. It was one of those "I Love the 80s' type "commentary" programs.


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