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Old 12-16-2006, 07:09 PM
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How many golfers in a Scramble to win a Major?

Let's say one of the Majors went crazy and decided to let a bunch of average Joes form a scramble* team and enter into their event. How many people do you think would need to play as a scramble to win? Let's go with two scenarios:

1) The golfers are randomly chosen from an average golf course. In other words, if you say 50 golfers, I go to a couple typical golf courses and randomly choose 50 guys.

2) You can pick from guys with handicaps over 5. This way you can, say take 10 long drivers, 10 iron players, and 10 short gamers.

I'd say that for 1, to get a good chance of winning you'd need at least a 1000 golfers, 500 to be competitive, and maybe 100 to not completely embarrass yourselves.

For 2, I'd say I could have a good chance of winning with 50 golfers. There are plenty of players that are really good in one aspect, but have flaws elsewhere. I'm sure I could find guys that can nail the ball 320 every time, but couldn't get up and down to save their lives. Similarly I could find guys that can only drive 200, but get them within 100 yards and they will get it in the hole in 2 shots.

What do the Dopers think?

*A scramble is a type of play in which a group of golfers hit, choose the best one, and then all hit from there. For example, if it were a 3-man scramble, all 3 players would hit their tee shot, choose the best one, and then all 3 would hit from that best spot.
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Edward The Head Edward The Head is offline
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That would be interesting. Last year in a scramble the team I played on shot 12 under. Two of us, my father-in-law and mother-in-law play golf all the time. I don't know what she shoots normally, but he's over 5 and under 10 handicap. Me I always shot right around 108, and my wife doesn't play very much. We were all just on that day.

I would think that if you could find one person like my father-in-law, and three like me it could be done. What we did was play normally to the green and then the worst putter went and showed the rest of us the line. Hopefully either one of us would either sink a putt or get close so we wouldn't have to worry about par.

Why, you need someone in a scrable for a major, cause I'm ready.
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Least Original User Name Ever Least Original User Name Ever is offline
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On a great day, all you'd need is two. On a normal day and a PGA Sunday? I'd say 3. Three 5-handicap golfers would beat a pro.

How many to beat the field, though. I'd say 3 or 4. Probably 4 if the greens are a complete whore.
Old 12-16-2006, 08:57 PM
Lamar Mundane Lamar Mundane is offline
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While the tourning pros are much, much better than most people think they are, I think you have vastly overestimated the numbers.

The only thing that the pros would consistently win at would be driving distance. Your average bomber at a public course wouldn't come within 20 yards of the average pro. That gives the advantage to the pros at the par 5's. They can get there in 2, you can't, even with 100 chances. So the question becomes how many guys would it take to match the approach shots (even though further away) of the pros? They really wouldn't have to match the approach shots, however, as they would have many, many tries at a longer putt.

My guess would be:

1) 20 guys
2) 4 guys


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