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Small batch recipes (such as mayonnaise)

I've started to make my own mayonnaise, but all the recipes I find are for largeish batches, at least a cup and usually more. Since home-made mayonnaise doesn't last very long, a lot of it goes to waste if I only have it on something once a week or so.

Does anyone have a recipe or tips for making a small batch, maybe half a cup or a few tablespoons?

1. It has to be made in the blender. I never have any luck making it by hand whisking or with an electric blender. Plus, life is too short.

2. It can't have any sugar. That's the whole reason I have to make my own. Store-bought mayonnaise stupidly has sugar.

3. The basic ingredients I've been using: eggs - olive oil and/or vegetable oil - dry or prepared mustard - lemon juice (I use bottled, flog me now). Seems like there's more but I'm not remembering what it is...some sort of spices.

4. Fat content doesn't matter to me, so if I need to use a yolk, that's fine with me. If using a partial egg I can always find a use for what doesn't go into the mayonnaise.

Any tips?

(I named this thread in a way so that other small-batch recipes for one or two people are welcome to be given or asked for.)
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Equipoise Equipoise is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2000
Location: Chicago
Posts: 10,017
Speaking of small batches, a wonderful book is Small Batch Baking by Debby Maugans Nakos. It tells how to make small batches of desserts, cookies, pastries, breads...all things I can no longer eat (sigh) but when I could, boy did I love this book! I used it all the time. I think someone here might have mentioned it, though I don't remember who it might have been (thanks!). I got it a few years ago and was delighted.


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