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Old 03-21-2008, 02:15 PM
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Cleaning up dried-up dog poop on carpet...

I apologize for the mundaneness but I just noticed my dog seems to have smeared some poop on my rug. I've got a carpet cleaning solution and the smearage (luckily) happened on a dark brown piece of the rug so I'm not worried about staining... I'm mostly concerned with how to begin to get the solid particles out of the rug. They seem to have dried up a bit and are pretty resilient to attempted pickings with a paper towel. I Googled for information but most results dealt with what kind of solution to use afterwards, I guess because most of those questions dealt with the poop in turd form versus my smeared mess. Ideas?

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Vacuum, blot with spot remover - Vacuum, blot with spot remover - Vacuum, blot wit spot remover ad infinitum.

At least that's what worked for us. However I will say we have a special Vacuum that we use for dirty's our old [circ. 1984] vacuum. We don't use the newer vacuum.
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Can you say "Stanley Steemer"?
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A perfectly valid question for IMHO. Moved.

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ZipperJJ ZipperJJ is online now
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I'm a big fan of Nature's Miracle for pet stains. Works good on spilled Coke, too.

No reason why you couldn't wet the area down with something like that, let the enzymes make it more gooey, and wipe it up as if it were "fresh."
Old 03-22-2008, 08:32 PM
Pullet Pullet is offline
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I get an old hair brush or comb and use it to bring up the solid chunks before going after the remaining stain with spot remover, scrubbing with papertowles or a rag.

Hooray! Feces!
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porcupine porcupine is offline
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Originally Posted by ZipperJJ
I'm a big fan of Nature's Miracle for pet stains. Works good on spilled Coke, too.

No reason why you couldn't wet the area down with something like that, let the enzymes make it more gooey, and wipe it up as if it were "fresh."
That's what I was going to suggest, too, except I use "Simple Solution" instead of "Nature's Miracle" - works just as well IME but costs a lot less.
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Athena Athena is online now
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I have a pretty nice Oriental Carpet that I bought from a very high quality place that went over the cleaning of it for me. I've found that the same method of cleaning holds true for non-Oriental carpets. Plus, about a month ago, I made the mistake of leaving a package of dog treats in a place where my dogs could get to them, and came home to half a package of dog treats, and one very bloated dog. She got rid of the treats overnight, in a very messy way on some very nice carpet, if you know what I mean.

After you pick up as much of the material as you can with paper towels, take a LOT of water and drench the area. I'm talking at least a cup or two of water for a two inch stain, more if the stain is bigger. Basically you want the water to saturate the carpet and allow any material to rise to the top.

Once it's saturated, blot with a dry towel. Rinse and repeat. You should get all the solids with this method, leaving at most a stain.

Once you've got it all up, treat with stain remover. I've had the best luck with the Oxygen based stuff (OxyClean, for example). Note that I would NOT use this on a throw rug or Oriental carpet - it might bleach it. But with standard wall-to-wall carpet, it works fine.

After that, if it smells, treat with Nature's Miracle or the equivalent. But most of the time it's not needed.
Old 03-23-2008, 07:15 AM
Marconi & Schmeese Marconi & Schmeese is offline
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We just got the Spot Bot Pet . Best $129.99 we have EVER spent. Just put it on the stain. Press a button and go do something else. It's fabulous!!!


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