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I'm trying to identify this movie, which I saw a quarter century ago on the late-night cheap flick program on Channel 12 WRDW out of Augusta, GA, hosted by Count Justin Sane.

All I can remember is that there was some type of time travel device that was activated by a ring (yeah, the kind you wear on your finger). Pressing it one way put you (two weeks? ten days?) into the future. Pressing it the other way sent you the same amount of time into the past.

Any ideas???
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Was it Time Bandits?
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Sounds like "Time After Time." The plot of the movie had H.G. Wells (yeah THAT H.G. Wells!) inventing a time machine and showing it off to his friends. It turns out one of his friends is actually "Jack the Ripper" and Jack used the time machine to transport himself into the "future" (which was the present, which when the movie was released was the late 1970's) and escape capture by "the Bobbies." Naturally, the dashing, heroic Wells follows "Jack" into the future, and falls in love with a woman who is destined to be killed by Jack, because halfway through the movie, Wells proves to his girlfriend he has a real time machine by taking her on a short trip one week into the future where they see a newspaper with a lead story saying she gets killed and...and...

oh hell, here's the imdb url:

I just remember that Mr. Wells used a ring to activate his time machine.
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I'm a big fan of sf movies, and wasted a good chucnk of my youth watching them. Neither Time Bandits nor Time After Time sound like they fit the bill here (In Time After Time there was a Key that was used to activate the device -- but it had a big crystal on the end. You wouldn't want to wear it on your hand). To tell the truth, I can't think of any movies with time-traveling rings. But there are a LOT of bad movies I haven't seen.

Just for the record, though: George Pal's 1960 version features"rings that talk", as kludgy an expository device as I've ever seen in a movie. You stood the rings up on end and spun them around, and they spieled recordings in the voice of Paul Frees (the voice of Ludwig von Drake and Boris Badenov). The film used this to Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux how the world got the way it did. Didn't have anything to do with time travel itself, though.
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Just in case anyone else was interested. . . .

I'm blowing the tanks on this thread because I happened upon the answer quite by accident. The name of the movie was "Dimension 5," and the time travel device was a belt, not a ring.

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Wow, I don't recall the movie, but I remember a girl in elementary school telling me she had a ring that let her travel in time...that is probably where she got the idea...this was late 70s when I was told this.
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The ring thing does indeed sound familiar (maybe from an SF book?), but the only thing I could think of that came close was the gold watch they used in the early 80s show Voyagers! starring the incomparable Jon-Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce.


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