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Can a fixed female cat go into heat?

Is it possible for a female cat who has been fixed to still go into heat?

We've noticed some strange cats outside in our neighborhood the past couple of days. Today, our neighbor's cat came over for a visit. While inside, she was yowling and rubbing against everything. We looked out our windows and saw three different male cats slowly moving around our house.

To us, it's obvious that she's in heat. But we called our neighbor who swears that she's had her fixed. Is this possible?

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According to this site it is possible for a cat to have one "false" heat after being spayed. If the cat continues to go into heat, it is possible that there is still a small amount of ovarian tissue mistakenly left in the abdomen. Try Googling for "spayed cat in heat" for many discussions on the issue.
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Yep, I forgot to check Google first. Thanks!

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Yes, it is certainly possible, and may even be happening with our cat. If the original surgery misses some tissue, the cat can go into heat, and is at risk of developing Pyometria if any of the uterus is still intact.

From what my vet says, it is pretty difficult to determine if there is anything in there unless you open the cat up - there is one test (I think it was like a vaginal scraping) that MIGHT give results, but maybe not.

She also said that with the very early (2 lbs) spaying that is being done now, it is easier for a surgeon to miss a small part.
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I've never heard before about a cat having a single heat after spaying but that's just what happened with my Camberwell. She had a couple of the local toms following her about for days although she was only interested in flirting and got pretty fed up with them in the end. About three months later she had a phantom pregnancy, with engorged breast tissue and a very happy mood. At first I thought I was feeling tumours so you might want to warn your neighbours.

Assuming there was some ovarian tissue left behind the vet told me to bring her in for a "respay" next time she "came into heat" (the first one happened over the extended New Year and Christmas holiday so nothing could be arranged) but it never happened again.


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