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Should *I* be an organ donor (Melanoma disqaulification)?

I'm listed on my driver's license as an organ donor. My driver's license is coming up for renewal, so it's time to review my status. I'd like to continue being an organ donor, but I had a mole removed a couple of years ago that was melanoma. Stage zero melanoma in situ. The only other treatment after the original biopsy was my dermatologist taking some more tissue around the original punch biopsy to make sure the borders were clear. They were. I've become a fiend about sunscreen, and I've seen the dermatologist every six months since then for a good once over. Everything has been fine. I have a history now, so any mole that is even mildly suspicious is removed for examination. They have all been fine. I'm a lucky so-and-so.

However, there have been cases of people with melanoma donating organs and passing on the cancer to organ recipients. Melanoma is nasty and does not play fair.

The idea that once I'm done with my parts they would go to people who can use them is very comforting to me. But I don't want to kill said persons!

So, Dopers, should I keep being an organ donor? My google-fu is weak today, all I could find was the link that I posted above.

I'll also ask my doctor this when I next see him, and I know you're not my doctor, or necessarily a doctor, and it's just the In-tar-toobes, none the less, what say ye Dopers?


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